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Each of these pieces depend on an error. Mostly, the errors came from printing on the wrong side of photo paper, creating an inky mess. But if another piece of paper is laid on the mess, a contact print can be made. Different papers and successive impressions give variously textured results. When these are scanned, colored, and rearranged, almost anything can happen.
So much did, in fact, that sometimes I misprint on purpose.
A different mistake occurred in Burnt Mountain. Trying to add a photoshop curve to a blue and white image, my finger slipped. I hit the "negative" option and the mountains caught fire. Suddenly the digital echoed the analog. Lots of my favorite skylines were burning that year because somebody"s foot slipped on the accelerator, or their ember went astray.
Path Followed Regardless is part of the Path Taken in Error series which can be read about HERE
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