Kurt Johnson(non-registered)
I have a tendency to binge, across the board. As unsatisfying as it was, I recently made it through the first and only season of Crowe's "Roadies" , Today it was the Joni Mitchell catalogue; and within that, reading original reviews, including many for "Hejira".. Although I appreciate Hilburn, I found myself thinking he missed the mark by shopping for for something Joni wasn't selling. Perhaps my love for the record has veiled my perception? When I discovered your "Siren and the Symbolist", I didn't just find the voice for my experience for that work, but also developed a deeper understanding and appreciation to boot. So naturally I found myself burrowing deeper into your work with "Goucho", the Jacob Dylan piece, etc. Seeing that you also wrote about things other than music, I read the interview with John Cusack, and your celebration of Pepper, and others. This binge is entirely satisfying, though I should be doing laundry and finishing some of my own work. Those things will have to wait until I spend about an hour with your photographs. I'm glad I found you.
Tom Finn(non-registered)
Hi Ariel. I finally found it. Your literrary masterpiece written in rolling stone reviewing donald fagen and walter becker's "gaucho" is transcendant. I remember reading it when it appeared in february of '81 and thought that both the framework and substance of this review was near pulitzer award status. you have a gift!

with kindness,

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