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The Water Bride is a #photograficnovel, seven years in the making. A contemporary legend about a bad bargain, the story is told by Water (the element). Her groom is us, represented by a selection of historical and current mechanical devices. Will Water be harnessed? Can a relationship like this survive?

First published serially online on social media February 25- March 13 2021
The book is now in print and available for purchase.

The Water Bride, A Last Seacoast Book. 11 inches by 8 inches,
34 pages, softcover.
The pages are printed on substrate which means they are sturdy, resist marks, and show the images' true colors
Price: $100.00
plus $15.00 shipping (US only)

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0 The book itself, physical copy1 Open Book2 The Water Bride Title Pages3 Is it my turn now?4 Call me Aqua5 I’m not the first to have made a disastrous marriage9 But it was lovely to be asked, with such gravity, to flow just here.10 You did ask. At first.15 At last I arrived and saw my “mansion”21 And understood at last what I’d been offered22 No!27 We’re done here30 Right now I’m trying to erase the memory31 And remember where I come fromThe Water Bride