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Finally! Volume 2. Originally planned for the winter of 2020, but…we are here now.
This is a sequel to SKY LINES, a Last Seacoast Book published June 2019.
The composite photographs are drawn from hiking, road, and ferry trips taken between 2014 and 2020.
I hope they serves as reminders of how extraordinary our horizons were and can be - and how worth preserving, whatever it takes.

SKY LINES vol. 2: Photographs, text and design copyright Ariel Swartley 2021.
Books are 6 x 8 inches, 32 pages. The cover and pages are coated paper with a substrate and open flat.
The cost per copy is $65.00 Plus $15.00 USPS priority shipping (US only).
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For another, smaller version of the SKY LINE series, see ROAD TRIP IN A BOX
CoverFrontpiece: Highway toHeaven 395IntroductionSection 1 Sky & Water Lines. Plate 1: Santa CatalinaSection1, Plate 4: Summer in Oregon. Plate 5: Ruby LakeSection 2 Into the Desert. Plate 1: Antelope Valley FreewaySection 2, Plate 2: Back Roads to Vegas. Plate 3: The View from Vista ChinoSection 3 The Inner West. Plate 1: Navajo LandsSection 3, Plate 2: Crossing Southern Utah. Plate 3: Either Side of TonopahSection 4 Highway to Heaven. Plate 1: Storm on 395Section 4, Plate 2: Walker to Mono 395. Plate 3: Heading to MammothOverleaf: West on Benton Crossing RoadAcknowledgmentsSKY LINES vol. 2