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Many of the memory maps of Western highways and hiking trails collected here are now part of a book, also called SKY LINES. They were assembled from ten years of photographs, many of which can be found in EVERYDAY'S A MOUNTAIN.
What began as an impulse to record the variety of lines and shapes became in the assembling process a way to celebrate the exhilaration that drew to move west 30 years ago.

To order individual prints or a copy of SKY LINES, published June 2019, contact me through this site. (There's a contact button.)
The book is 6 x 8 inches, 32 pages. Mostly pictures (21 plates). Some explanatory text.
The cover and pages are coated paper with a substrate and open flat.
The cost, $65.00 Plus $15.00 USPS priority shipping (US only).

Last Seacoast Books is a one-woman operation (me). Print runs are contracted out in small batches.
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