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The On-Line Gallery Show of LAST FLIGHT HOME, a 2020 Photo series at EXHIBBIT.COM closed September 23. See photos of the show HERE

Read more about the series HERE. at Up in the Air

The original photos were shot over 11 hours from the air at approximately 35,000 feet on November 21, 2019. Since then the ground has changed. What began as patterns in a landscape part unknown, part familiar, became views no longer attainable. Pictures of a gone world. Their distance no longer measurable, their location no longer verifiable, the shapes shifted. What were once places on a map took on - as habits were upended and lives confined - the aura of dreams, fairy tales, hallucinations

NEW FOR 2021. Vulcan's Daughters
6 x 6 inch, paper bonded to wood

Vulcan"s Daughter Gets DressedVulcan's Daughter at EveningVulcan's Daughter in DisarrayVulcan's Daughter in WinterVulcan's WifeSan Gabriel's CloakWest of the MoonCrossing to CaliContinental DivideMalpais: The Broken LandHome Come Snow20/20 VisionEast of the Sun, West of GreenlandOver IceLast FlightLooking For Turquoise MountainIn the Snow Queen's PalaceOn the Occasion of Early Snow