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Antelope Valley Freeway, (CA Highways)The Road to Vegas (CA Highways)US Route 1 Ventura County (CA Highways)Heading to Mammoth (CA Highways)Storm on 395 (CA Highways)Sierra Sunrise (CA Highways)Route 62 (CA Highways)Looking for Shasta (CA Highways)Highway to Heaven 395 (CA Highways)(Multiple)Back Roads to Vegas (Western Byways)NV Route 50 (Western Byways)Ruby Lake Road South (NV) (Western Byways)The ET Highway, NV (Western Byways)Two Sides of Tonopah (Western Byways)Baker to Ely (Western Byways)Southwest Idaho (Western Byways)Southeast Oregon (Western Byways)Benton Crossing Road (CA)(Western Byways)